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Want more of
something in your life?

Confidence & Self-esteem
Good relationships
Work-life balance
Improve concentration

Want to let go of
uncomfortable feelings?

Want to be free of
unwanted behaviours?

Lose Weight 
Addictions    OCD
Stop Smoking
Compulsive Eating
Social Anxiety
Worry    Insomnia
Health Anxieties

Want to improve
your performance?

Public speaking
Tests and Exams
Performing Arts

I can help you feel better or change your life with Hypnosis and Psychotherapy.


Hypno-psychotherapy enables me to help you contact and reconnect with the genius of your inner subconscious mind and your body's natural capacity for healing and problem-solving using hypnosis integrated with psychotherapy for more effective healing


CBT uses the power of our thoughts to change our experience, feeling and emotions. Both yogis, martial artists and now recent scientific evidence shows the power of our thoughts to influence how we feel, behave and how we experience our lives.

NLP psychotherapy

Symbolic Modelling is a new, powerful yet deeply respectful process with which I can help you to connect with your own innate, natural inner growth processes to harness your own inner wisdom and creativity to solve your problems in the right way for you. It is particularly effective for long-held, intractable problems.

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